Simplicity is the key to happy customers

For nearly three months now I’ve been at Swedenergy’s office in Brussels and I have immersed into the Electricity market directive and regulation. One of the articles, article 18 and Annex II, is about billing and billing information. From my long experience in this business I strongly believe, and so does Swedenergy, that the invoice […]

5 takeaways from The European Commission’s 2050 climate strategy (A Clean Planet for all)

Written by Jørgen Skovmose Madsen, Director of EU Affairs, Danish Energy Karsten Capion, Senior Advisor, Energy System modelling, Danish Energy   On the 28th of November 2018 the European Commission published its 2050 Climate Strategy – “A Clean Planet for all.” Below, we highlight five key takeaways from the analysis.   A climate-neutral Europe by […]

The Nordic countries to lead the way in electrification in Europe

Increased electrification will be a cornerstone in the battle against climate change, and the Nordic countries will lead the way by becoming the most electrified region in the world. This shall be done by developing the Nordic electricity market by ensuring that electricity production is climate-friendly, security of supply is high, and electricity prices are […]

Consultation response to ENTSO-E’s proposal to further specify and harmonise imbalance settlement

Nordenergi welcomes ENTSO-E’s proposal and gives the following responses. Point 1-7 are formal questions. Please add here your feedback on Articles 1 and 2 ‘Subject Matter and Scope’ and ‘Definitions and interpretation’We lack the definition for imbalance area and how it interrelates with the definition for bidding zone? We consider that with respect imbalance settlement […]

Nordenergi welcomes the new era in Nordic energy cooperation!

The Nordic energy ministers adopted at the Nordic Energy Ministerial Meeting in Lund on 22 May, a declaration on strengthening Nordic leadership in the global energy transition.The Nordic energy ministers agreed to organize the first Nordic electricity market forum in autumn.Nordenergi welcomes fostered electricity market cooperation.“The changing energy market environment challenges governments and companies, but […]

Vestager’s important fight for free flow of electricity

In recent years less than 20% of the capacity on the electricity cable between Germany and Western Denmark has been available to Nordic electricity producers. This practice unfairly limits Nordic electricity producers’ access to the German market and it is in direct conflict with the spirit of the European internal market. It was therefore with […]