Nordenergi Supports Increased Ambition Towards a 55 Percent Target

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to our planet. The electricity sector is therefore committed to leading the way in decarbonising the European economy. Nordic electricity supply is already well underway towards climate neutrality before 2030. Further utilisation of carbon-free electricity will be a cornerstone in the decarbonisation of transport, industry and heating.


Nordenergi supports the European Commission’s proposal to align the 2030 climate target with climate neutrality 2050. The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) should be further strengthened to deliver a meaningful carbon price that drives electricity and industry decarbonisation, and further widening of the scheme should be explored. Besides this, the EU has to foster Smart sector integration and energy efficiency. The electrification is the key component on the way to climate neutrality, and therefore the EU needs to ensure a well-functioning and fully integrated power market.


Please read our climate position here


Jukka Makkonen,

Chair Nordenergi’s Working Group for Climate and Renewables

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