This is a list of open letters, position papers and statements sent by Nordenergi outlining the political positions of Nordenergi.


10-05-2024: Nordenergi’s Position Paper calling for an updated heating and cooling strategy

07-03-2024: Nordenergi’s Position on the Next Political Mandate 2024-2029

26-01-2024: Nordenergi’s Position Paper on offshore wind deployment

11-01-2024: Nordenergi’s reply to SDAC NEMO’s coordinated consultation, so-called Second Auctions


20-11-2023: Nordenergi’s Position Paper on the Electricity Market Reform Trilogue Discussions

09-11-2023: Nordenergi’s Position Paper calling for ambitious EU climate targets for 2040

04-04-2023: Nordenergi’s Position Paper on the Electricity Market Design Reform

03-02-2023: Nordenergi’s Position Paper on the upcoming Electricity Market Design Reform


28-11-2022: Nordenergi’s reactions on “Digitalising the energy sector – EU Action Plan”

27-10-2022: Letter from Nordenergi CEO’s:  Nordic concern about the electricity market reform pace – We must not rush the reform

08-09-2022: Nordenergi position paper on short term market interventions in the power market

30-08-2022: Statement: Nordenergi emphasizes the importance of solidarity, cooperation and mutual power exchange in the ongoing energy crisis

26-06-2022: Nordenergi position paper on the EU Action Plan for Digitalisation of teh Energy Sector 

13-06-2022: Nordenergi position paper: Increased Nordic Efforts on Electricity mobility

11-05-2022: Nordenergi position on the RePowerEU plan: Keep the electricity market in operation and speed up investment in clean energy

21-03-2022: Nordenergi policies and actions to reach the desired electrified future

15-03-2022: Nordenergi reactions to ITRE draft report RED II

17-02-2022: Nordenergi supports a strong EU ETS as the main driver for decarbonization


02-12-2021: Nordenergi letter to NRAs on Svk derogation and cross-zonal capacities

07-09-2021: Nordenergi letter on publication of aggregated anonymized market data

16-06-2021: Increased electrification is key when getting fit for 55

16-06-2021: Limitations on cross‐zonal interconnectors hamper markets’ functioning and the reasons behind lack transparency

14-06-2021: Delegated Act under Art. 27(3) of the Renewable Energy Directive and the upcoming revision of the directive

19-05-2021: Study on opportunities and barriers to electrification in the Nordic region

19-05-2021: Sales ethics in the electricity market

05-05-2021: Safeguard a free and informed customer choice with a reliable system of Guarantees of origin

08-04-2021: Nordic electricity market provides for European climate and energy targets


20-11-2020: Nordenergi Contribution State-Aid Rules-Aid Guidelines

19-11-2020: Nordenergi Climate Position

03-06-2020: Energy sector is given priority by Nordic Council of Ministers

17-04-2020: The EU must focus on green recovery


11-12-2019: Nordenergi’s response to the Nordic TSOs NBM Road Map consultation

11-12-2019: Nordenergi’s response to the Nordic TSOs Single Price Model proposal

02-12-2019: Press release: Nordenergi welcomes the outcome of the second Nordic Energy Market Forum – future success depends on better governance

14-10-2019: Nordenergi supports increasing the EU’s Climate ambitions

14-10-2019: Nordenergi Position Paper on the Future Regulation of DSOs

07-04-2019: Nordenergi’s comments to the consultation on the Nordic TSOs’ proposal for regional operational security coordination in CCR Nordic