Members of Nordenergi

Nordenergi is the collaboration between the Nordic associations for electricity producers, suppliers and distributors. Members are Finnish Energy, Fornybar Norge, Green Power Denmark, Samorka – Icelandic Energy and Utilities and Swedenergy. Overall, Nordenergi represents more than 2,000 market actors (member companies), most of them active in the electricity sector, but also in other areas such as district heating, gas and services.

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Main messages of Nordenergi

  • Nordenergi supports the EU’s net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 and EU’s target on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030.
  • Nordenergi believes that the EU ETS should be the main driver for decarbonisation. Nordenergi supports strengthening of the EU ETS.
  • Nordenergi promotes all clean investments. We consider it important that the EU acknowledges the contribution of all clean investments.
  • Nordenergi promotes a well-functioning, fully integrated power market in the Nordics and the EU to reach the climate targets.
  • Nordenergi works to improve the finance and permitting conditions of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure to support electrification of different sectors and deliver growth of clean investments.
  • Nordenergi promotes a reliable and flexible power system that meets consumer needs and enables consumers to actively participate in the market.