The EU is facing a new challenge

The EU’s integration is increasing through crises. This is happening once again with the war in Ukraine. The EU is facing a huge foreign and security policy crisis, a humanitarian crisis and an energy crisis. There will be many implications for food security, security of supply and the economy – we are not yet able […]

Finnish Energy to steer Nordic energy cooperation 2021-2023 – focus on well-functioning markets, infrastructure and enabling clean investment

The Nordic electricity sector organisations are joining forces to promote ambitious climate policy and well-functioning electricity and emissions markets in the Nordic countries and across Europe. Finnish Energy’s Presidency of Nordenergi is off to a flying start – we will get to work immediately to raise the Nordic voice in the European energy price debate […]

Price of energy is shaking up Europe and may cast a shadow over processing of Fit for 55 package

In July, the European Commission published a massive legislative package, Fit for 55, to shape up the climate and energy legislation. The objective of the legislative package is to put the EU’s climate targets into practice. . Besides climate work, Europe has experienced higher energy prices than normally. From the point of view of supporters […]

Fit for 55: What to expect

The European Commission is putting its final touch on the so-called Fit for 55-package, and it will be interesting to see how big an electric focus the package has – and whether the charging infrastructure will get a proper push.   While the Belgians are enjoying football, freedom and moules frites on the sidewalk cafes, […]

The EU Taxonomy Must Respect the Rule of Law and be Technology-Neutral

The EU Taxonomy will be an important tool for achieving the EUs ambitious goals of climate neutrality by 2050 and a 55-percent GHG reduction by 2030. The taxonomy sets out to classify what activities should be defined as sustainable, to avoid “greenwashing”–saying that an activity is more sustainable than it really is. Furthermore, the Taxonomy […]

Achieving Ambitious EU Climate Targets Requires All Energy Sources Onboard

The EU is committed to climate neutrality by 2050, and the Commission has proposed raising the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target from 40% to 55%. Achieving ambitious climate targets means that EU legislation must consistently and primarily serve the emission reduction target. The Commission’s proposal to tighten the emissions target and the associated communication with […]