The EU-DSO Entity has been launched – Nordic countries eager to start working

The DSO-Entity originates from the Clean Energy Package, proposed back in 2016. Its purpose is to create a platform for distribution system operators (DSO) across Europe and facilitate technical expertise and dialogue with the European Commission. And this is crucial: DSOs are pivotal for an effective green transition of the distribution grids across Europe. Also […]

5 takeaways from The European Commission’s 2050 climate strategy (A Clean Planet for all)

Written by Jørgen Skovmose Madsen, Director of EU Affairs, Danish Energy Karsten Capion, Senior Advisor, Energy System modelling, Danish Energy   On the 28th of November 2018 the European Commission published its 2050 Climate Strategy – “A Clean Planet for all.” Below, we highlight five key takeaways from the analysis.   A climate-neutral Europe by […]