Vestager’s important fight for free flow of electricity

In recent years less than 20% of the capacity on the electricity cable between Germany and Western Denmark has been available to Nordic electricity producers. This practice unfairly limits Nordic electricity producers’ access to the German market and it is in direct conflict with the spirit of the European internal market. It was therefore with […]

Political leadership needed to secure enhanced Nordic energy cooperation

The Nordic Council of Ministers were on Tuesday given 14 clear recommendations for stronger Nordic energy cooperation. The electricity industry in the Nordic countries supports the report's recommendations on increased co-operation and development on energy.
  Former CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila, was in October 2015 asked to assess how the Nordic energy cooperation could strategically develop over the next five to 10 years. The Nordic electricity industry – represented by Nordenergi – have the following initial reactions to the report: “A clear Nordic vision for energy cooperation will empower […]