Nordenergi welcomes the new era in Nordic energy cooperation!

The Nordic energy ministers adopted at the Nordic Energy Ministerial Meeting in Lund on 22 May, a declaration on strengthening Nordic leadership in the global energy transition.

The Nordic energy ministers agreed to organize the first Nordic electricity market forum in autumn.

Nordenergi welcomes fostered electricity market cooperation.

The changing energy market environment challenges governments and companies, but most of all creates new opportunities. The Nordic region is a forerunner in renewable and carbon free electricity production. However, there has been a gap between national and regional policies, and in order to keep the pace, we need to form a closer team in the Nordic market”, rejoices Anders Stouge, the deputy CEO of Danish Energy and the chair of Nordenergi.

The Nordic energy associations and energy companies are committed to promoting and developing sustainable export solutions in the field of energy and working for a more efficient and integrated Nordic electricity market.

The Nordic electricity market is a success story on a global scale and has been a core enabler for achieving evermore sustainable energy sector in the Nordic countries”, Anders Stouge adds.

Nordenergi looks forward for the Nordic electricity market forum and is committed to provide its expertise and resources for a more integrated Nordic electricity market.

We consider that promoting Nordic electricity market cooperation on all levels and having all relevant actors at the same table for finding new Nordic solutions is a core ingredient for Nordic countries’ future success”, Anders Stouge concludes.

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