The Nordic electricity associations: EU must focus on green recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought Europe to an unfortunate but necessary standstill and has resulted in both a humanitarian and an economic crisis. It is imperative that we don’t let this pandemic deepen the climate crisis. The current slowing down of the economy means that there are less carbon emissions than usual in the short term. However, in the long term we need to focus on a green recovery of the economy to not risk increased carbon emissions.


Large scale infrastructure and technology investments to speed up necessary electrification

The recovery from the crisis needs to be focused on sustainable growth. We know that the energy transition and large-scale electrification will need substantial investments in infrastructure, technologies and new services, and as such a recovery programme should focus the limited funds to infrastructure that delivers this. Now is the time to accelerate the shift to a greener economy with the European and national support programs that are being launched.


Keep the Green deal timeline

We urge the EU to keep the current timetable for the green deal and to increase the ambition while using European and national funds for a green recovery. Let us not forget that the most effective way to reach the climate target is through carbon emissions trading within the EU ETS. Moreover, the EU ETS might need to be further strengthened, in the upcoming revision, to lead the transition effectively also after the crisis. Market-based system are the only guarantee that we will achieve green affordable and reliable energy to all European citizens.


We therefore have these key asks from the EU:

  • Keep the timetable for the Green deal and increase the ambition level
    • Closely assess and strengthen the EU ETS
  • Promote the use of European funds for a green recovery
  • Prioritise infrastructure and technologies that will deliver a climate neutral European economy
  • Support systems should as far as possible be based on the principle of market mechanisms and focus on demand side for new services and Technologies

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